Lu Lu's Suds Udderly Luxurious Ugly Goat Milk 

Soap, Lotion, Scrubs, Shave Bars, Beard Oil, Body Butter, Sugar Scrubs & Lip Balm.

Life with Goats, Love them girls!

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Soap Lotion Lip balm in 

Organza Bag 


Soap Lotion  BATH BOMB Lip balm in 

Organza Bag 



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Barn News

Lu Lu is the reason!


Lu Lu was brought onto the farm because my 30 year old horse "Bones" was going to pass and I didn't want Winnie to be lonely as horses are herd animals. Well, Lu Lu and Winnie are best friends.  Winnie, a very confused thoroughbred, protects and herds all the goats to the barn and will trample any predators!

Goats have kids!


Well, there is only so much cheese, yogurt, and ice cream you can make so soap and lotion making was discovered. Soap and lotion making was fun and smells wonderful so I just couldn't stop! All soap, lotion, shave bars recipes were tested on my wonderful family and they raved about how their skin felt.  

Eczema? Psoriasis? Patchy dry skin?


Commercially-processed soaps and lotions are made with chemical compounds to create the same effect that naturally occur with homemade, natural soaps and lotions.  These chemical compounds exasperate skin issues and do not repair problems.  

Your skin will love the kindness, moisture and delicate fragrance of Lu Lu's Suds.

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About Us

Lu Lu's and the girls milk ROCKS!

 The girls Lu Lu, Lily, Lizzie, Jyll, Jersey Girl, Princess, Lola, Bella are Dwarf Nigerian goats.  Dolly and Dixie are Nubian.  Their milk has a high fat content that adds luxurious lather and moisture to the soap and lotions. Your skin will benefit!

The handmade soaps and lotion are made with natural oils. 


Commercial Soap Ingredients:

1. Propylene glycol (to replace the hydrating effect of natural glycerin), a petroleum-based product that is dangerous when inhaled, an irritant, and a metabolic disruptor. 

 2. Polyethylene glycol (to keep soap looking nice), a petroleum-based product used in antifreeze, dehydrates and ages skin, leaves it vulnerable to bacteria.  

3. Sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent), a serious irritant, hormone disruptor, drying, and it denatures the skin proteins, leaving your lower layers vulnerable.  

4. Butylated hydroxytoluene (a preservative), absorbed through skin, long-term and repeated exposure caused renal and hepatic damage in rats, mild irritant, tumor promoter, deemed safe for cosmetic use.  

5. Pentasodium pentatate (a type of acid used to soften water and create better foaming), an eye irritant and should not be used on broken skin or infants.  

6. Titanium dioxide (to whiten the bar), dangerous if inhaled, safety on skin unknown.  

7. Sodium isethionate (for dense lather and suds), currently being researched.


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